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Le Croisic

While staying at the hotel, be sure to visit Le Croisic, one of the "Petites Cités de Caractère". 

Here, your eyes are enriched by the many atmospheres that tell the story of this maritime city. 


You can explore the old town with its timber-framed houses or stroll along the quays, thinking of the shipowners, captains and merchants whose audacity and wealth enabled them to build elegant town houses. 


A walk along the harbour, between fishing and yachting, is the best way to feel the soul of the place. You'll feel as if you're back in the days when the old fish market was buzzing with sardine sales, or when the ship "Kurun" returned from her round-the-world trip.

Salt marshes

Fancy taking a tour of the vast, squared-off salt marshes during your holiday? Just a few kilometres from the hotel, with family or friends, you'll appreciate this unrivalled natural environment and the passion with which those who cultivate it talk about their profession. Discovering this heritage is a must, and one that's sure to win you over. 


Guided tours will show you how salt is formed, the history of the salt marshes and the work of the Guérande salt worker. Don't leave without seeing the medieval town of Guérande, with its solid ramparts that resemble the "Carcassonne of the west".

Le Pouliguen

A family seaside resort with many assets, Le Pouliguen (from the Breton Poulgwenn meaning "little white bay"), with its port, beach and wild coastline, offers a timeless experience. Le Pouliguen is best visited from the Pointe de Penchâteau. Follow the Corniche road to Nau beach, overlooked by a park called Le Bois. 

From this public garden, you can access the Promenade. Here you'll find a succession of restaurant terraces and cafés, merry-go-rounds and sweet shops, all in an atmosphere reminiscent of the seafronts of the British Riviera. A little further upstream, along the quays, sailors' houses stand side by side with turn-of-the-century villas and new buildings.

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La Baule offers a wide range of activities for nature lovers and sports enthusiasts.